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Our lighters and lighter accessories are among the best out there. The quality of our products comes with guarantees, so that you can trust your lighter will last you through all of your lighting needs. Our ignition mechanisms are varied, but all are on par with reliability. We offer customizations, unique designs, lighters with multiple purposes, and so much more.When you work with our company you work with a company that cares about their products and about their customers. We offer guarantees because we understand how important it is that the product you get is of good quality. We offer a variety because we know that different people have different needs, and we want to fill those needs in any way we can. We offer customization so that the product you get in hand is unique to you. Companies that use our products as promotional pieces can trust that customers will have a long lasting lighter or accessory that is going to keep them in the minds and hands of their customers for years to come.

Custom Branded Cannabis Related Novelty Items & Gifts

Our lighters are reliable and customizable. What this means is that you can put your name and design on our lighters so that you’re always in the hands and minds of your customers. Our high quality products are proof that your company cares, and you have a standard that you are unwilling to drop below.

Featured Products

Each of our featured products are unique items that should be given a little more consideration. Our products are designed to work with any needs or lifestyles, from lighters with bottle openers to leashes so you’ll never lose your lighter again, we feature products that make a difference.

Why use a bic Lighter?

A bic lighter is a lighter worth having. Their name has been a part of the world of lighters for years. They’re small and can fit in most any pocket or purse. They’re inexpensive as well, meaning that you won’t have to sacrifice an arm and a leg for a convenient little lighter like the ones we feature. They last quite a while too, prompting our guarantees that are unique to each of our products.

Lighters are a perfect way to light a smoke, candle, or other types of fires. They get used on a daily basis by people across the globe, and each of our unique lighters and designs will come with a guarantee that’s hard to beat. From a few months to several years, our lighters will last for a while in your hands and the hands of those whom you give it to. For a company they’re the perfect way to keep you in a customer’s mind for years to come.

Bic itself is one of the oldest names in lighters, which means that they’ve survived all of the chaos and economic downturns that have been plaguing us over these last few decades. The company and the lighters are both reliable, and combined with us they’re also extremely customizable. Whether you want to put your logo, picture, or favorite colors on our lighters we’ll be able to do it, with only a federal warning label to possibly interrupt your design.

Some of our bic lighters are pretty unique! There are ones design like a torch, and others that come with a bottle opener built into the lighter!

We also have matchboxes, jars and grinders with logos, lighter leashes, and more! We’ve got a crazy offering of unique and useful lighters and related accessories, and almost all of them can be customized in some fashion or another, allowing you more versatility and creativity with your orders. Give your customers a gift of quality, or put a unique item on your shelves. Our lighters and accessories are perfect for any business, or for a set of presents to friends and family.

We’re easy to get a hold of if you have any questions or concerns. Look below for contact information, or check out FAQ page for a way to reach us.