Clipper Gradient lighters

As Low As $1.23

Custom branded Clipper Metallic Finish lighters. Colorful and stylish metallic finishes.  Worlds best selling refillable lighter. Refillable gas, replaceable flint, so you Branding lasts forever.  (federal warning label required, right of thumbridge)

  • Holiday SALE 11/6/23-12/8/23 -$0.10ea!  Promo code: ClipperSale23
  • Clipper Metallic Finish lighter with your Logo.
  • Fashionable Metallic Finish leads to great product retention.
  • Resell Clipper Metallic Finish lighters for profit.

    File Types

    BEST: vector art (Adobe Suite) .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg.  Embed any fonts used or outline text.
    GOOD: layered art (Photoshop) .psd.  Convert text to outlines,embed any linked images.
    OK: flat raster image .jpg, .png, .tif, .bmp.  Only if you have no vector art.


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